The Professional Association of Graphic Designers and Typographers of the Czech Republic



The Czech Union of Graphic Design was established in 2007 as an association of designers and enthusiasts who care about the future of graphic design. We promote graphic design and sound conditions for cooperation between designers and clients. Through lectures, seminars and articles published online and in print, we share our experiences, opinions and information and actively support an open discourse.
UGD members are designers, students and design companies. Acceptance to UGD is not based on a portfolio or scholarship, but rather an animated and continuous interest in graphic design and compliance with the code of ethics. All association activities are not-for-profit and financed solely from membership dues.

UGD for members

We offer Union members a forum for discussion on our internal blog, access to professionally written contracts, free entry to seminars, discounts off trade journal subscriptions and graphic design software, photographs and fonts. Every regular member is welcome to get involved by contributing an article or holding a lecture.

UGD for the public

Non-professionals is the broadest group that UGD is in contact with: graphic design buyers (companies, institutions, non-profits and universities) as well as people for whom graphic design is an important part of their lives. Online and print articles provide clear answers to questions about the purpose and usefulness of graphic design, how to properly contract out graphic design work and more. Visitors to the UGD website learn how to select a graphic design studio, how to get legal fonts, how to prepare materials for your designer and more.

UGD for graphic designers

In addition to professional lectures, non-members will primarily find this website useful as it provides valuable information and tips for designers and their clients.

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