The Professional Association of Graphic Designers and Typographers of the Czech Republic



  1. Every member works in the interest of the client and according to their own ability, acts with competence and efficiency and protects confidential information.
  2. No member may work on a project that could be perceived as a conflict of interest without first informing their clients of this fact.
  3. Every member refrains from engaging in dishonourable and unethical business practices, does not engage in corruption and upholds the good name of the Union.
  4. Every member of the Union respects the copyrights of others and supports the use of legally-obtained technical tools (software and fonts). If a member learns that the copyright of another Union member has been breached, s/he immediately informs the member of this fact.
  5. Every member permanently fosters their expertise, prefers environmentally-friendly materials and processes and contributes to the development of graphic design through their work.
  6. No member may conceal the cost of graphic design in other billed items (particularly, but not limited to printing costs) or otherwise list the cost of graphic design work in a non-transparent manner.

By joining the Czech Union of Graphic Design, every member commits to comply with this Code and recognises that gross and repeated violations of this Code may be grounds for expulsion from the Union.

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